Bottom foot lump


They relieve the friction that occurs during your day-to-day activities. Plantar warts usually go away without treatment. This means they are harmful and may spread to other parts of the body. You can also rest the foot, ice the area, and take nsaids. Plantar fibroma is a hereditary condition that causes a nodule to form on the bottom of the foot.

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Bottom foot lump. See a doctor right away if the swelling is accompanied by a fever and redness or skin warmth. Treatments vary widely based on what is causing the pain on the bottom of your foot. Others need in-home treatments or treatments from a doctor. Bursitis occurs after an injury. It may be painful when pressure is applied.


While cysts are benign, synovial sarcomas are malignant. Experts think this condition is caused by allergies. They are also relatively small.

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