Black men facial care


Top 5 skincare tips for black men

Is your skincare routine missing something? maybe you wash and hydrate your f. As chemicals in most face washes will irritate your skin. Will result in healthy skin. My skin also lacks the natural glow that i used to have. If your skin is really oily, bring a travel size men’s face wash to work and cleanse your face mid day to remove pools of oil. I purchased your scrub and face wash. Unless your skin is prone to acne and dead skin cell build up, we generally recommend only using a face scrub prior to and after shaving.


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Black men facial care. Cleanse your face in the morning and before you go to bed. I’m loving not only how these products perform, but the fact they’re natural. Do you recommend any specific disposable razor as well as any other products on your line for black men. We strongly suggest a. Will not only contain natural scrubbing particles, but also a bevy of moisturizers to help prevent any flaking post scrub. Both have made my face feel smoother but still getting some bumps on my neck.

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