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She has been married three times, to jeremy thomas, tom green and will kopelman. Ezra matthew miller was born in wyckoff, new jersey, to marta (koch), a modern dancer, and robert s. Page wanted to start acting at an early age and attended the neptune theater school. In july 2016, sugar said at a san diego comic-con panel that the lgbt themes in steven universe are in large part based on her own experience as a bi woman. Rose has also made cameos in music videos such as nicki minaj’s “massive attack,” young jeezy’s “vacation,” wiz khalifa’s “no sleep,” fabolous’ “you be killin’ em,” ludacris’ “what them girls like and future’s “mask off. Walker spends much of her time speaking about (her) multicultural identity, enlightened masculinity and intergenerational and third-wave feminism at universities and conferences around the world. Sara gilbert was born on january 29, 1975, as sara rebecca abeles at st.

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Bisexual in hollywood. I’ve been attracted mostly to ‘shes,’ but i’ve been with many people and i’m open to love wherever it can be found. Chad allen was born on june 5, 1974 in cerritos, california, usa as chad allen lazzari. Kerr’s paternal grandmother lived on a farm, where she “raced motorbikes and rode horses. (born july 16, 1996) is an american rapper, singer-songwriter, and director. You can’t hide who you are forever and be happy.

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Maher was born and raised in new york where he attended the tisch school of the arts at nyu. Matt was raised in spring, texas, and educated at klein high school, near houston.