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Various websites and groups list others that are available. If you’re interested in opening your relationship, then do so organically. Find someone looking to play with you both as a couple instead of blindsiding a kink civilian. Craigslist is another typical place. It’s deeply insulting to bisexuals for us to be considered straight people’s playthings. Quora is not one of them.


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Bisexual female single. Below is a list of nearby cities. When my wife and i were seeking we would usually find them down at the nudist beach, nudist resort and at swinger clubs. If it does then treat that person like a human being with feelings, not like the toy you’ve always wanted. Find someone that one of you connects with and see if that dynamic builds.

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There are a good number of websites dedicated to this fetish. For all that is good and holy, go on fetlife and meet someone or go to a local munch.