Bikini wax bad reactions and pregnancy


4 ways to clean your bikini line before childbirth

Skip hair-removal creams when you’re pregnant. But over the next nine months, shifting hormone levels can cause some unusual things to happen. (oh, and the happy-baby visualizations are good too; not knocking them!). Despite my (upper east side female) doctor’s reassurances, i was ever-so-slightly concerned that such pain might induce labor. Closer to eight months, i decided to suck it up and get waxed. Then the wax itself is torn off in the opposite direction that the hair grows. Keeping with the parts of women that women like to keep trimmed up, the face is a place where hair tends to react differently under hormonal stress.


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Bikini wax bad reactions and pregnancy. I got enough brazilians in my 20s to fully comprehend. As always, you should not go for waxing or use any kind of products over varicose veins, chapped or sunburned skin or on already irritated skin. This extra blood flow makes your skin start behaving further more sensitive towards all those tugs and pulls and waxing van be hurting more than before. You may also be more prone to getting ingrown hairs as your pubic hair starts to grow back in.

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If you have a choice, reddy recommends opting for sugar waxes, which use more natural ingredients and are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. This means more potential for in-wax pain and post-wax bruising, swelling and discomfort. Shainhouse recommends making sure the wax is not too hot and that you can see and reach any area that you are waxing.