Bikini area bumps


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They don’t usually hurt, but they might itch. In the first stage of syphilis, you can have a painless sore on your genitals or on your lips and mouth. If you pull skin too tight when shaving, shave against the direction of hair growth, or make multiple passes with the razor, it increases your chances of getting razor bumps and an ingrown hair. They grow on or around the anus or penis or in or around the vagina. A skin tag can get irritated if your clothes rub it.

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Bikini area bumps. Your doctor can remove them with an electric needle or laser. See your doctor if it doesn’t clear up or gets worse. It might be itchy and sore and look like pimples. This comes from bacteria getting into the hair follicle and causing an infection. Soaking in warm water can sometimes help drain a cyst.



It can be removed surgically or with cortisone. Shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, and even laser hair removal can lead to an ingrown hair. Lahey hospital & medical center: “boil.