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Male breast enlargement (gynecomastia) symptoms, causes, treatments

I know what you mean though. It slightly hurts when i touch it and when i sleep on my stomach. Where would they get this? the world will not end if we say 75% of men love big breasts and shit all over small breasts. Over time, when the bodies testosterone levels reduce, the estrogen in the body begins to rise and makes certain parts of the body grow. As if losing nipple sensitivity were not enough, larger breasts have a few downsides for women, as well.


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Big boob guy. Dont lose hope guys! homeopathy has a cure for gynecomastia. Let’s call him a-kun. But focus on cardio exercise. When asked what is so awesome about breasts, most men will say one of a few things.

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Im not sure if red areas around the breast are somwhat normal, because i usually get those after a shower. Is he right? or should i be woried ?

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