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This is a team of different specialists who work together to provide the best treatment and care. These may be biopsied or removed using electro-cautery and then examined under the microscope. The transition from benign to malignant polyp can be seen under the microscope. Although this is unusual unless the cancer has invaded into the wall of the colon. If chemoradiation has been unsuccessful or the cancer has returned after treatment, a more complex operation called an abdominoperineal resection may be recommended.


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Big anus pictures. Patients with multiple polyps – even if they are not malignant when examined under the microscope–are more likely to develop additional polyps in the future that may become malignant. There are several familial, genetic conditions in which the mutations or the development of mutations are programmed into an individual’s genes from before birth, passed down from parent to child. As stool enters the rectum, nerves there create the urge to defecate. The second most common type of colon polyp is the hyperplastic polyp. The small intestine (small bowel) is about 20 feet long and about an inch in diameter. Patients with many polyps but not the numbers seen in fap should be identified and tested for the mutation.


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Individuals with myh polyposis develop less than 100 polyps at a young age and are at high risk for developing colon cancer. They all make recommendations on the basis of factors such as family history of polyps and colon cancer, the number of polyps that are found, the size of the polyps, and the polyps’ histology.

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