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So, when you apply this stuff on your the surface of your body to get your hair off, there is no way to avoid it touching your skin. As such, seek to know the worst that can happen after using the cream. It is specifically designed for those with sensitive skin so that it removes facial hair fast, efficiently and gently. That you should read before deciding which product to buy. Can cause extra hair growth.


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Best facial depilatory cream. Shaving and sanding/buffing are two methods of depilation, as is “chemical shaving” — another way to describe cream depilatory use. It’s often used together with laser or shaving, rokhsar says. If you use disposable razors or blades, wet your skin and use soap or shaving cream. A large number of consumers report that with ongoing treatments, their hair stops growing almost entirely. Some types of wax can be pulled off without cloth strips.


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The creams have a fresh and clean scent and are formulated with vitamin e and aloe vera which make the skin feel soft and smooth. Depilatory creams have a strong formula which can harm the sensitive skin of the face.

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