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Have you ever really made love to a woman. Masquerade just made it sound so much more elegant and mysterious. After discovering that she is quite talented in the art of fellatio and later as the couple fall on hard times, he persuades her to enter the adult film business and shoot a porno. An entertaining peek into the world of prostitution from the client’s point of view. Young wife learns about pleasure and submission.


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Best 1980s oral sex film. Pliny recommended “mouse dung applied in the form of a liniment” or pigeon droppings mixed with oil and wine. Was released in 1984, just squeaking by that pg-13 rating. Steve and sandra join in the fun. Mike still goes to joe for help with his cum addiction. Prostitution was widespread and legal, and the greek tradition of pederasty was significant enough to cause concern when the roman birth rate dropped.

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Lust and sex became associated with the original sin of adam and eve and the celibate life was promoted for those with the most godly minds. Teacher is knocked out, student can only think of one thing.

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