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Ben franklin, the hellfire club and his view of jesus christ | worldview weekend

Hewson apparently ran his medical school from franklin’s home from 1772 to 1774. So even the founding fathers were a rowdy bunch of guys. Sure, hoover had the goods. Sooner or later they would have found a way to destroy him. His son elliot were exposed to mini-winnie.


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Benjamin franklin orgies. However, his program is sound: the money should go first to infrastructure, particularly water, neighborhoods, services. Engaging in sex, is somehow way freakier. After every sexual conquest george would ask the woman involved, who could have been anyone from an aristocrat to a servant, for a lock of her hair. Senator bob packwood seemed to skate past accusations that he abused women for sexual gratification, but then his diary showed him to be a chauvinist pig of the worst kind.

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Still, the fact that he could probably crush his lovers to death didn’t seem to slow his game down. Probably he went too far.

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