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Let it not be said that the de greeks are bullies, as implied by christoph reilley elsewhere. That paper needs to be banned. Paul brians), participating in the conversation that i linked up near the start of this article believes the same, and he is quoted thusly: For the purpose of this article, i have divided the examination in half, with the first half of the article covering the. And if i’m lucky enough that the girl pretends to be cool with the fact that i’m damaged goods, it’s not all smooth sailing from there either. Buck naked and jousting, buck naked, in our front yard. Of the 70 or so poignant and dazzling hubs i zero in on the buck naked truth of buck or butt.


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Being butt naked. I would also like to say i just chuckled at seeing christoph’s name in the same sentence with “illiterate populace” and “mundane. To post a comment. An association with clothing, or the lack thereof, can also be made directly. That is one of the unanticipated joys of writing silliness in a commerical forum. It may still be in the slang category, but it is slang that is used by a lot of people.

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The first day i walked in to the gym locker room, i was expecting separate changing rooms and stuff. It’s not a buck man walking by the window.

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