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Next time you play a solo in a song you will know its a type of lick (just a very long one. (fyi- tab is still not corrected in first measure. It’s the bad side of it and the good side of it both combined. It’s hard to say whether it’s a fear of funk (don’t be afraid!) or the style’s natural tendency to encourage muso show-offs that prompts its rejection. I want to do my part to help us realize that it’s up to each person to do our part to make some kind of statement, some kind of record, some kind of movement to pull everybody together. In 1971, funkadelic was chanting for freedom on “wars of armageddon”; 1975’s “chocolate city” saw parliament outlining a black cabinet headed by president. This course is for brand new players, as well as players that want to get a better grip on some basic techniques and ideas.


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Bass lick definition. It was like, ‘suits?’ we seeing all kinds of colors and the streets are moving, and he’s talkin’ about suits — how are we gonna keep suits together? and we supposed to have a tie on — i don’t even know how to tie a tie! In measure two, we introduce a little syncopation on the first beat, and leave the downbeat of beat three clear, playing the v chord on the upbeat instead. A musician would say the above chords’ names as “c seven” and “a flat seven” when communicating to other musicians. I really have no concept of how many songs [we wrote]; when you start recording, it’s like making love: it’s good, you don’t want to stop, it keeps getting good and you can’t stop until you have to,” bootsy says, laughing, about pulling the album together.


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Blues harmonica for dummies

This course is a wonderful resource that goes over basic tuning and fretting techniques, simple rhythms, and even an arsenal of open chords. The bass plays a few root notes to establish the foundation, and then rests for the remainder.

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