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Women are reluctant to report,” she said. This classification system is most concerned with the presence or absence of a partner during orgasm, rather than the stimulation techniques used to induce orgasm. But does this make it a medical condition? or is it simply a normal part of our reproductive cycles? Sign up for our newsletter. However, physical wellbeing may follow without orgasmic release. The penis serves a direct reproduction function, the fingers allow people to fulfil numerous tasks, without which they would be unable to fulfil their daily requirements such as eating and drinking).


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Australian female orgasm $50. In many cases these are measured simply, using standard techniques (e. These muscle groups include: Just as males have nipples which do not serve a reproductive function as the female nipples do by allowing a woman to feed her offspring breast milk, neither the clitoris nor the orgasm which it produces serve reproductive functions. Starting with foreplay and showing her partner where and how to stimulate her, also help – be it with vibrators, touches or tongues.

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Most would just be happy to have one, any old way. Women can pleasure themselves (or be pleasured by each other) as effectively as they can be pleasured by a man if the penis is superfluous to their ability to orgasm.

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