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Herman: what should we call white people?

2) the fossilized skeletal remains of a young boy in morocco, dated at 160,000 ybp. Secondly the practice of slavery between arabs and europeans in the us was vastly different. To post a comment. I see no point in being occupied by race/s.


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And racialization of africans

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Asian race terminology politcal correctness monogoloid. Classism is prejudice and/or discrimination on the basis of social class. The rest are a mixture of the two. The hamites and shemites have also been concluded to be of dark colour and genealogy and genetics have proven a tribe in south-africa, some tribes in nigeria, some in ghana and scattered around the world to have their origin from ham and shem sons of noah who were dark coloured men. Because believe it or not, studies have confirmed that even after ending slavery and racial segregation, the effects can still easily last for 10 generations. First, it is perfectly true that the long-term residents of the various parts of the world have patterns of features that we can easily identify as characteristic of the areas from which they come.

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If you were to compare not all blacks and whites but only those whites and blacks who for instance are really interested in electricity or statistics, it turns out that the mathematical aptitude gaps are greatly reduced or just vanish. But anyways i hope you know there is something called melanin which is a pigment found in our skin ears eyes nd hair.

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