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Guys have no shame in answering in their boxers. He was attractive enough that i didn’t mind, though i don’t know if attractive is the right word. Each time we laughed and laughed. I spread my lips more. See” she said as she walked toward me as i half laid on the bed. I walked him to the door.


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Answer door in nude. I would assume it was a bad time to stop by. No, i would ignore it, but i would later be telling my friends the story of how i knocked on some guy’s door, only to have him answer buck naked, and i just kind of stood there trying not to look but trying not to look like i’m trying not to look, simultaneously wondering how this guy couldn’t have been bothered to throw anything on. Damn the bad traffic!” he joked back. Lol i think most people would scream. I’ve always had exhibitionist tendencies.


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Who did this same thing with his. We both started laughing, and we did it a few more times and changed the words and actions. I have to say also that the sun’s heat, and the beer and the fact that i love the smell of tanning lotion, had me on a nice high as well.