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Pam’s performers tend to end up in sketchy bareback films, nica’s performers pretty much start out that way. Even if i was younger i wouldn’t. On the plus side, at least he now has a photo for this year’s christmas cards. You only get those jody foster moments if matthew rush is involved with a cold sore outbreak. In the name of our sweet baby jesus, amen.


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Anal sex on stage at hustlaball. Porn is pretty much shot on phones now. Gloria @r173 you need to contact mrs. So he’s 30? i mean. He had socks on and a jock strap. In front of audience, group sex show, and more. When will gay porn stars stop and realize that their chances at leaving the industry and making it even semi big in the mainstream entertainment industry are 1 in a million. I’m a top and would kill to fuck him (wrapped – i am not stupid either).


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Stupid, silly homophobes and their stupid, silly bigotry sets gay rights back. His personal life seems much more stable. Really? they are porn stars, having sex for a living is what they do.

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