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I slipped in the door nonchalantly and went into the back to change without saying a word. Either way, congratulations! thanks to the clusters of. So, what about if you two have been tested and are used to having condom-free fun? you might still want to use a condom or latex gloves depending on what you’re doing, at least for the anal portion of the evening. He and my husband tag teamed me, and it was great at first. Board-certified ob/gyn and chairman of obstetrics and gynecology at vista east medical center in waukegan, illinois, tells self.


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Anal sex mistake. As i tried to get away he pulled me harder towards him, not letting me go. I was not going to take any chances and let this fool ruin my life. The doctor or nurse then inserts a speculum into your vagina, which holds the vaginal walls apart and they then take a sample with a swab or brush, from your cervix. These problems down there can get worse following anal sex and cause immense pain as well. We lied on my bed pillow talking for a while getting deeper with conversation. When it comes to talking about sex we can be very prude and topics like oral and anal sex are still kept very hush-hush.

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If you are going to have both vaginal sex and anal sex, then there is a right way to mix the two and there is a wrong way to mix the two. During that time i made out with a friend of mine.