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Well, i’ve finally happened upon a combination of strategies that appear to be making a difference. It itches after i poo. It feels like it’s itchy and i’m scared it might be something else. Principi m, losurdo g, la fortezza rf, lopolito p, lovero r, grillo s, et al.


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Anal fistula

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Anal itching inflamation. It just started after that so i don’t think it’s a allergic reaction. I had a sexual partner who was a doctor. I cut out all sugars, caffeine, meat, and grains six days a week. This seems to have helped. I’m wondering if this is something i should take to the hospital, or if i should just continue living this way. I decided to put a clove of garlic in both areas. I had to go into the restroom and look at what was causing my discomfort.

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The same problem but i’m geting better and i want to share this whit you please write if gets better for you. Thank you, thank you! In the ny or nj area, 5 star colonics is the best place to go.