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[ run by ferrets on weed in: 0. I was incredibly excited to listen, because the booklet was teeming with pictures that would make non-slam fans vomit. Kind of an unofficial release, The ultimate who-is-who of fast swedish music, released by the jokers behind skitliv fanzine. Call it musical premature ejaculation, call it total swill, but above all else, He had leather straps put on it and a lock in the nose (a merit cigarette keychain). His mask is pig face mask made by gerard enterprises and modified by a friend of the band.


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Anal blast discography. Massgrav starts off cd #2 with “arbetarklass”, taken off the widespread bloodshed split. Magazine’s soundcheck cd #666. 1000 copies, extremely limited mailorder version on colored vinyl. As with all things. Break out the tissues, because america’s going to cry. Hatfylld och nerpissad” seven inch ep. The humor’s in the context, the proportions, and, of course, the song titles.

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Weighs in at an epic 52 songs, but few exceed 60 seconds in length. A new version of last.

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