Advices and pain in first sex and losing virginity


Does sex hurt for the first time after losing virginity

I had a blue lightbulb in the ceiling light of my bedroom. ‘ my naive ass had no idea. At least make sure that the person with whom you are going to have sex is a nice guy. I was 15 and he was almost 19.


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Advices and pain in first sex and losing virginity. Postcoital bleeding is never normal unless you’re menstruating or have just lost your virginity. Learned the hard way that whip cream should never be put on her lady parts. But, trust me, they hear about sex and vaginas all day, every day, so nothing will be a shock to them. A girl having sex for the first time might not even reach her orgasm or have a fulfilling climax.

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But if there is no orgasm in real life, it can become a tragedy for a man and woman. Some men become concerned because their penis bends downwards, or to the left, and assume that because they never see men like them in erotic movies that they’re not normal.

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