Adult colloid milium

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Colloid milium pathology | dermnet new zealand

Unilateral colloid milium of the arm. And (4) a pigmented form, thought to be due to excess hydroquinone use for skin bleaching. Colloid milium is a degenerative condition linked to excessive sun exposure and possibly exposure to petroleum products and hydroquinone. Cookies are used by this site. Electron microscopy of amyloidosis reveals straight non-branched filaments whereas colloid milium filaments are shorter, branched and wavy.

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Adult colloid milium. Innocenzi d, barduagni f, cerio r, wolter m. Additionally, sun avoidance seems sensible for all forms of colloid milium, but no evidence suggests that this intervention is beneficial. Genetic counseling is advisable for the rare juvenile form of colloid milium. Munro a, hitchcock m, sangueza o, gandhi p. Concerning adult colloid milium. Masses of colloid are found. Lai kw, lambert e, coleman s, scott g, mercurio mg.

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The origin of the colloid deposition in the dermis is not certain, but it is thought to be due to degeneration of elastic fibers. Gonul m, cakmak sk, kilic a, gul u, heper ao.