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That the department of the navy will assume the $45. It is designed for use with the m439 fuze and has possible air-to-air as well as air-to-ground application. This is an order under the multi-year deal, and orders to date under this contract total $154 million. Bae systems fired its first apkws from a fixed-wing aircraft, a hawker beechcraft at-6c, in january.

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70mm multi purpose penetration warhead. The laser light is imposed on the target by a source off board. 4 million firm-fixed-price contract modification, exercising an option for 1,476 apkws-ii wgu-59/b guidance sections, shipping and storage containers, and support technical data. All of those changes together would make us army precision fires nearly ubiquitous on the battlefield, alongside weapons fired from uavs, and guided ground-launched rockets, mortars, and artillery shells. An umbilical assembly is positioned on the nose of the fuze for interface. The ir flare will provide ir light for 3 minutes. This setback places the fuze into an armed condition when the rocket.


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There are essentially two classes of warheads referred to the weight. Work will be performed in nashua, nh, and is expected to be complete in october 2012. The most widely used application is on helicopters for air-to-ground engagements.

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